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Inquisitive about the Real World

Envision is one of Denmark’s largest advertising agencies with clients in many industries, particularly within the retail and food sector. We believe that an in depth understanding of the target audience reveals the key to market success. Therefore, we invest heavily in customer insights and market research. You could call our approach interdisciplinary, combining knowledge, strategy and creativity. We call it passionate, precise and effective.  

Maximizing Brand Potential

As a strategic creative business partner we are dedicated to identifying the growth potential of the brand. We’re specialized in developing creative concepts and communication that moves the hearts and minds of the target audience and gives full return on investment. In the end curiosity and creative ambition define us and shape everything we do.



We represent a creative unit of Envision in Copenhagen
Anew is a full-service advertising agency, specialized in adding value to companies through strategic concepts and creativity. 

Our team consists of seniors and multiple award winners. We believe in great ideas, beautiful design, and the power to execute our ideas across channels.

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Meet the partners from Envision

Anders Tranæs


Thus being head of the agency, Anders is still close to clients as well as involved in the strategic and creative processes.

With more than 25 years of experience, Anders is a firm believer in creativity as the strongest asset and the most essential ingredient when it comes to converting business strategy into profitable market results. And therefore he probably should have made this text less boring.

Jesper Herholt

Chief Creative Officer & Partner

Jesper has on and off been with Envision since 1999. His passion for design and communication is only (almost) surpassed by his love for sports. In fact, he owns Denmark’s largest collection of football jerseys and has written two books about the topic.

Anni Sørensen

CFO & Partner

For 30 years, Anni has played a leading role for Envision to become one of the largest companies in the Danish marketing and advertising industry. This applies both by the virtue of her being in charge of finance and her people skills within HR.

Mona Juul

Boardmember & Partner

Mona Juul is a partner and working board member at envision - and parliamentary candidate.