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First Chair Group Business-to-Business

We want to make it easy to do business with you!

The Purchase Experience: More than 50% of customer loyalty is created by your understanding of your customers business and your ability to fulfill your promises. (The Sales Executive Council 2011)

First Chair Group - Business-to-Business offers a structured approach to gain higher customer loyalty – based on many years of experience with organization and structuring of professional sale from company to company. Our concept is simple. We know that your business and your products are complex. Your customers probably have the same knowledge, but it is all about making it easy to do business with you. Preferably in a way that make your customers come back again, and again, and again!



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In short: We want to create customer loyalty. Our approach always takes off based on your strategy. Your promises to the customers will always be embedded in your business strategy – but it might not be as clear and concrete as it could be. That is where we can help.

We call it Value propositions. The end goal is to define ‘why customers should buy from us’. In developing distinct value propositions, we use the Customer Centric Approach which builds on proven and simple methodology allowing a holistic approach across the entire organization.

We offer a process where your value propositions are brought to the forefront which make you able to explore how your company can deliver on your promises on all position, in all communication, and in every encounter with the customer. We are also able to help you with the implementation when the process is on its way.

We are happy to set up a non-binding meeting to present our services.


Who are we?

Ole Daugbjerg

Executive advisor

Ole has previously been Senior Vice President and Chief Reputation Officer in the Danfoss Group. He was on the internal board for the sales and marketing programme in Danfoss Business Systems, and he was a member of the Group Committee responsible for the Core & Clear Strategy, that resulted in significantly better results after the financial crisis in 2008-2010. Ole has furthermore been CEO in several companies within sales, communication, and marketing.


Klaus Jørgensen

Associated partner

Klaus has previously, among other positions, been vice president in the Danfoss Group, where he was responsible for the sales and marketing programme in Danfoss Business Systems. Klaus has furthermore as executive officer been responsible for the structuring and organizing of several business models in SEGES under Dansk Landbrug & Fødevarer.