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We are 225+ people, offering knowledge, creativity and technology

First Chair Group is a strong family of specialist and complementary consultancies. Each member makes strong and unique skills available to his customers. At the same time, we are a fast-growing and ambitious network, where each member increases the total value of the services delivered through targeted cooperation.

Our extensive resources and insights across sectors and disciplines ensure holistic solutions to drive your business forward. First Chair Group can guide you across the areas through executive advisors in the group's staff function, which also offers the communicative skills that ensure effective implementation.

We set new standards

  • Honest advice & counselling.
  • Strategic C- Suite advisory and a wide range of consultancy specialists. 
  • Access to a wide set of competencies across sectors and disciplines, allow FCG to present the right team for the task at hand. 
  • Scalability: One-stop shopping or "boutique".
  • Coordinated and holistic and transparent advice.
  • Synergy and economies of scale.
What we offer


  • Business strategy development
  • Board Selection/ Recruitment of board members
  • Recruitment of top managers
  • Evaluation
  • Positioning, culture and values
  • Governance
  • Ethics, sustainability and ESG
What we offer


  • Strategy development
  • Analysis
  • Evaluation
  • Executive Search
  • Management communication
  • Implementation of strategy
  • Celebrations
  • Reputation Management
What we offer


  • Optimization projects
  • Operational Excellence
  • Performance Management
What we offer

Human Resources

  • Search & Selection/Recruitment of managers and specialists
  • Organization of HR function
  • Recruitment campaigns
  • Internal communication
  • Leadership development/coaching
What we offer

The Sales Organization

  • Sales strategy
  • Value proposition/value proposition
  • Value selling/value selling
  • Salesperson training – value sales
  • Web sites and web-shop
  • Procurement advice
  • Performance Marketing
What we offer

The Marketing Organization

  • Marketing strategy
  • Consumer and market campaigns
  • Digital marketing
  • Product and service development
  • Marketing events and awareness building
  • Design of packaging and POS
  • Digital presence/SoMe
  • Loyalty measures
  • Data/tracking
  • UX/U
What we offer


  • Corporate Communication
  • Media relations
  • Internal communication and cascades
  • Sparring for communication managers
  • Design and production of annual report and image material
  • Public affairs and representation of interests
  • Content production
What we offer

Purchase & Supply Chain

  • Supply chain optimization
  • Supply
  • Optimizing purchasing patterns
  • Supplier Management 
What we offer


  • Digitisation
  • Legacy Transformation
  • Choosing standard software
  • Business-to-Business Integrations
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • SoMe

First Chair

First Chair Group got its name after being inspired by the American term for the concertmaster of a symphony orchestra.

"First Chair" is a position of excellence that goes to a highly competent musician - very often the first violin - who is the conductor's extended arm in the orchestra.

In the same way, First Chair Group's ambition is to be the competent and knowledgeable partner that gets our customers' visions, wishes and strategies optimally into play and made a reality.

What we offer

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